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Basundhara Chauki, Kathmandu, Nepal

"An Ethical Recruitment Agency Where Integrity Matters"


We are committed to upholding ethical recruitment under zero cost by ensuring transparency, fairness and protection of the rights and well-being of all candidates. We are dedicated to comply with International Labour Organization (ILO), Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) including local and international laws, regulations, and best practices, promoting diversity and inclusion while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all our business interactions with clients, candidates and stakeholders. We guarantee that our recruitment procedures are unbiased, transparent and considerate of the rights and welfare of both job seekers and employers.






Grievance Reporting Channel

Dear all,
Titanic Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd. value every grievance and committed to address it promptly and fairly. We will handle every grievance in an appropriate manner and take necessary steps while maintaining the confidentiality of the grievant.
If you have any grievance or feedback, please contact us through the channels mentioned below.

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