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Basundhara Chauki, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Important information

It is mandatory to be at least 18 years of age to go for foreign employment. Do not submit false details or documents to go for employment.
Get enough information about the legality of which agency to go for when going for foreign employment. Do not attempt to go through an intermediary / broker (agent) or similar person. There is a strong possibility of being cheated and stranded abroad.
Before joining the foreign employment recruitment process, be clear about the country you want to go to, the company, the work to be done, the salary to be paid and all other service facilities.
When you go abroad for work, use Nepal’s airport, otherwise there is a possibility of cheating. Do not go abroad for employment using alternative routes to other countries. If someone is trying to lure and take you, let the local police know.
Pay special attention as there will be legal action when you secretly go for foreign employment, you will be stranded, you will have an accident, you will not be able to find work as per the agreement, it will be difficult to rescue and you will not get services from welfare fund and insurance company.
Even after the expiration of the contract period, without permission, do not stay illegally beyond the validity of the visa, otherwise action may be taken according to the law of the country concerned. Renew your passport in time before it expires.
A person going for foreign employment should not stay or work abroad illegally after the period of permission as per the rules. As long as the contract is not broken within the period as per the foreign employment agreement, one should not leave the job and go to work elsewhere.
After the expiration of the contract period, you have to re-insure and work only with a work permit, otherwise you will not get insurance and other financial assistance in case of an accident.
Before leaving for a foreign job, keep a copy of the employment documents you have received with you at home and verify the documents you need to take with you, otherwise you may face problems in the immigration departure hall in Nepal or abroad.
Earned money should not be wasted, use the saved money to send to your relatives in Nepal from abroad through bank account or remittance companies. There are also informal and illegal means of sending money. It is advisable not to use such means as there is no guarantee of security of the money sent to such a mechanism and there is a possibility of money sinking.
The laws and regulations of the country concerned must be followed.

Grievance Reporting Channel

Dear all,
Titanic Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd. value every grievance and committed to address it promptly and fairly. We will handle every grievance in an appropriate manner and take necessary steps while maintaining the confidentiality of the grievant.
If you have any grievance or feedback, please contact us through the channels mentioned below.

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