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Basundhara Chauki, Kathmandu, Nepal

"An Ethical Recruitment Agency Where Integrity Matters"

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Recruitment model
Under Zero Cost Investment [Zero cost recruitment means all the expenses incurred during the recruitment process such as passport, transportation, accommodation, food during interview & departure, medical, visa, labor approval, air ticket & service charge of the recruitment shall be borne by the employer.]
About the Company
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Important Information
  • This recruitment is under zero cost policy. All the expenses (Passport, ISC, Medical, Visa, Transport, Lodging, Food during interview & before departure, Orientation, Insurance, Air ticket) including Agency service charge will be borne by the employer. So no fee has to be paid to manpower agency or any other person by the workers or anyone on their behalf.
  • No other item of value shall be given or commit to our office or anybody in lieu of fees (Gifts, gold, jewelry, livestock, phones etc.)
  • Since you don’t have to pay any fees to anybody, we request you to contact directly at our office without using any agent/middleman. We also want to clarify you that our organization has no branch offices, district representative offices, and agent/middleman anywhere.
  • No bonds, deposits, saving programs are allowed or accepted for this recruitment.
  • We request you to fully study & understand job related informative materials such as flex, banner, leaflet etc. placed at our office premises.
  • Anyone willing to apply for the job must attend our orientation training session prior to filling the job application form.
  • We are Equal opportunity provider. Hence candidates are selected solely based on their competency without any type of discrimination.
  • Interview selected candidates must undergo ISC & medical & submit the reports at our office by themselves. Hence we request you not to leave Kathmandu without pre-information.
  • Information regarding visa and further process shall be informed to you subsequently or you can also feel free to contact us regarding the current status of your recruitment process.
  • Workers can associate freely, join peaceful assembly and bargain collectively where allowed by law.
  • If you have any complaints or feedback, please do contact us via the phone number or email address mentioned below. You can also send us your message on our official Facebook page – Titanic Manpower Supplier. +977-9801004345 (Whatsapp & Viber logo)
8th& 9th April 2021 at our office premises.
• Finalize when to post & remove the available job? Confirm whether to write pre interview & final interview date or not?

Grievance Reporting Channel

Dear all,
Titanic Manpower Supplier Pvt. Ltd. value every grievance and committed to address it promptly and fairly. We will handle every grievance in an appropriate manner and take necessary steps while maintaining the confidentiality of the grievant.
If you have any grievance or feedback, please contact us through the channels mentioned below.

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